" The dreamworld  of Lysiane Bourdon , a conceptual framework "

" Le monde onirique de Lysiane Bourdon,un cadre conceptuel"

by Marcelo de Melo,  in Mosaic Magazine n°10, 2015.

Visual artist born in Brussels and living in the belgian countryside.

 Various EXHIBITIONS to her credit :


Chalet de Haute Nuit in Brussels,

Museum of Fine Art in Mons,

Galerie Espace Parrallèle in Brussels,

Musée Ianchelevichi in La Louvière,

Galerie Danielle Arnaud in London,

ISELP in Brussels,

Museum of the Manufacture in Roubaix,

Biennal of Contemporary Textile Art in Ukraine,

Galerij Re-Mains in Gent,

dreams selected for a concert at the national Contemporary Studio Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing

She has obtained several GRANTS :

Tamat Grant, Contemporary Textile Center of the Wallonia - Brussels Federation for a research around dreams, sculpture and textiles in 2006

Grant from the French Community of Belgium for a work between dreams and oniric terracotta sculptures in 2000

Laureate of the King Baudouin Foundation for mosaic restoration in Ravenna (Italy), in archeologic site of Conimbriga (Portugal) and in Paris, 1994)

Her creations are in COLLECTIONS :

Province du Hainaut with the commissaire Xavier Canonne

City of La Louvière

Galerie Dudelange (Luxemburg) and Chalet de Haute Nuit (Brussels)

Private collections in Belgium, France, Spain and Great Britain