Inks, watercolors, acrylics, eggs painting on paper.

Made with Rain

55 x 75 cm  et 30 x 42 cm

These inks were produced in osmosis with the rain, in an artist's house located in the village of Poucet, Belgium. After preparing the colors on the paper, it was about exposing the whole to the rain and stopping the process at the intense, precise but fleeting moment when the stain exists. This is also a play with different sorts of falling waters from the sky. The name of the village referring to a fairy tale, the little thumb, it was a quest, a path, not with small pebbles, but with drops of rain.


45 x 30 cm

Liquid colors thrown on the sheet by giving it a direction according to an emotion of an obsession. Birth of a vertebral red,  of unstable symetry, transparency, water animals, split ears, grasses.

photos 1 et 4 ©Samuël Delcroix


63x70 cm et 50x50 cm

Stains with the help of Rorschach,  bodies or pieces of bodies emerging.

painting ink lysianebourdon