Gand, Drongenhofkapelle, 2018,  duo exhibition with Walter Vleugels.

Blue Me, Dessert à la Fourrure, Medousa, Secret.

Pomme dorée Rose noire, Elle dit, Photos, Medousa, Zwarte Dozen

Elle dit

"Two Blue Me" is at the same time a performance, an installation and a giant photograph.
 9 meters long cyanotype, in one piece and without return on work. Immediacy is the rule. Plants collected from the garden during a summer.
As well as a life-size self-portrait, because the body is used as a large plant on paper.
cyanotype with selfportrait

Kunst in de Vitrine

Gand, Meersenier 14, 2019

solo with all darkroom prints in boxes:zwarte dozen.


Drongen (Gent) exhibition One Shot, 2017.

analog prints, installation.


Gand., 2015, duo exhibition with Walter Vleugels.


In the room of dreams, Bruxelles.

Expo 3x, Musée MILL, La Louvière.

Studio d'Artiste

Fresne-sur-Escaut, Frederic Cresson Studio, 2009.

Installation of two poetic objects  : Offering , with a dream on the ground, and La Colonne de Vénus

+ Portrait of Lysiane Bourdon into a work by Frederic Cresson.

Ville Onirique

Belgium, 2008.

Exploration of  dreams at night and taking  them back  through an installation entitled "Ville Onirique", an initiatory journey through seven houses associated with emotions : the House of Wounds, of Desires, the Hangings, the House of Protections, Hypnotic Walk, Incubation, and Precious. Each house occupies the real space of a living room.

Installation constituée de sept "maisons" autour des rêves nocturnes :

Maison des Blessures, des Désirs, des Suspendues, de la Protection, de la Marche Hypnotique, de l'Incubation et des Précieuses.

Credits photos 7, 8 et 15 © Samuël Delcroix

Concerto : Tristan-Patrice Challulau, concerto n°4 pour piano et orchestre, premier grand prix Concours International Reine Elisabeth.


Réceptacles, installation, Kleine Akademie, Brussels

Sculpture and found glass


Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

Transformations, calligraphy with japanese ink on paper

copyright photo Danielle Arnaud