The Dreamworld of Lysiane Bourdon: a conceptual framework (excerpts)

written by Marcelo de Melo,  in Mosaic Magazine n°10, 2015.

According to Belgium artist Lysiane Bourdon, her creative process is a slow perpetual flux between the outer and the inner self composed of whimsical associations, contemplations, emotions and sensations. This movement results in the formation of an internal magma and the emergence of an internal need that propels the act of creation.’ Her output is mostly comprised of site-specific works often documented as videos. She makes use of a vast array of materials and techniques including her own body. Mosaic art and its methodology are recurrent in her work and serve as a springboard for her ideas and perceptions. By observing her production flow and past exhibitions, it can be said that she belongs to a generation of artists that are multidisciplinary and best associated with what American art critic Rosalind Krauss calls a ‘post-medium condition’...


....In her installations, Lysiane Bourdon displays a mastery of textural juxtapositions and an acute sense of spatial articulation. Her use of cloths, fur, glass, ceramics, the written word and even fake teeth are sublime and charged with surreal poetry...


...'Matisse spoke of "reservoir of images”, we could speak of "reservoir of materials". I order materials expressively according to my own inner thoughts and needs, always taking into account the exhibition spaces as they welcome my creations, which go beyond their materiality and cannot be defined without the spaces they inhabit...Lysiane Bourdon

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