Kisses and Traces

Bouche imprimée avec acrylique rouge et espaces vides brodés au fil rouge, support toile.

Le vide et le plein  à partir d'un extrait de corps.


Lips printed with red acrylic and the empty traces embroidered, on canvas.

Empty and full from a body excerpt.




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Exhibition from 30 july to 3 september, everyday  :  Kunst in de vitrine, GENT CITY, BELGIUM, Meersenier 14  + Adoptions of secrets and books at Galerij Re-Mains, Jan Breydelstraat, 6 (open 11 to 18 h except  wednesday

Series of pinholes "Garden of Fragilities" exhibited

on the platform Kiosk of Democracy

and on the magazine of contemporary photography Corridor Elephant